Low Point

I had been trudging along, daily chemo (and all it’s side effects), checking in with my employer benefits people and filling out/completing a plethora of documentation needed for disability when I was blindsided. Here’s a bit of what happened. My oncologist had just confirmed I was heading into the last round of chemo, it would last until July. It was May and I was thinking, I better reach out to my boss and HR to find out what the protocol was for my return. I was excited to be returning to some semblance of my life before cancer. I spoke with HR and though the person was a bit rude to me, we confirmed my return to work date. For some reason, HR was insistent that I be back in the office (everyone was working from home because of covid-19 mind you) prior to completing my last round of treatment. I was a bit shocked by this but figured, I would work something out since my doctor had not released me for work yet. This discussion took place May 7th, I had a doctor’s appointment May 11th and could sure up my return to work date at that point.

When my employer got the new doctor recommended return to work date (from June 20th to July 1st), they called me and separated. So yeah I got fired while in the middle of cancer treatment. In one of my earlier blog posts, I talked about being fired (from a previous employer) saving my life… this time well, I have to take those words back. The day I was fired, was the day my healthcare ended. I’ve been devastated since that date.

It’s July, I scraped together enough money to pay Cobra. I didn’t have the luxury of letting things wait until I could shop around for perhaps better pricing because it would have meant having to wait an introductory period and starting a deductible period all over again. Yeah Cobra is expensive but I get to finish treatment and live. My last day of chemo was overshadowed by the fact that now my days are spent trolling job boards and looking at my email for job posting alerts. With unemployed sitting at about 15% I’m just a drop in the bucket. All my hard work earning several graduate degrees and multiple professional certifications, achieving a leadership role and managing a team it was my dream. I had arrived. Now its gone.

I’m struggling to find the positive and good. I spend time in my comic cave among the things I love. It makes me sad though, there may come a time when I have to sell some of my collection or all of it. I try not to be angry about my situation, but most times I’m not successful.

Friends sent me this awesome hardcover copy of Batman the White Knight in Polish. It’s wonderful and a beauty to look at.

Batman White Knight

I love Greg Rucka’s writing style so this gift really brighten my day (doesn’t matter that I already had a copy, it’s the thought that counts).

WhiteOut Part two Melt

I’ve been enjoying Joe Hill’s horror comic Plunge. This cover from Gary Frank was particularly striking to me.

3 thoughts on “Low Point

  1. Hey CD,

    I cant ever imagine what you’re going through.
    But I’m hoping for the best and if there was anything I could do, I hope you ask, and I’ll try my best.

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