Month: February 2021

Carry on, oh and comics headed to the screen

I’ve been working for a new company since November 2020 and it has been unlike any work experience I’ve ever had. My immediate manager is actually a nice person, something I’m not used to. My day ranges from 6:30am EST phone conferences to 10pm debrief sessions and some of everything in between. I never would have worked hours like this before, I always left work promptly after to putting in 8 hours.

Because I’m working from home, hanging out in my comic cave all day, taking phone calls, addressing issues and proofreading documents; I feel like I’m not working at all. I sincerely hope to have the choice to telecommute for the rest of my working life. I take breaks, read comics and/or post on social media. It’s just so relaxing, so cathartic to be among my “calming” things while still earning a paycheck.

Plus I actually take a lunch break, sometimes to unplug and sometimes to switch to my person computer for a quick game or two of Magic the Gathering Arena. I recently purchased this MTG Kaldheim Bundle because I wanted the oversized life dial and landed this fantastic Vorinclex mythic as well.

Okay enough of that, let’s talk comics. I was thrilled to learn that Netflix picked up Sweet Tooth for production. Jeff Lemire paints a bleak picture of the future in this scifi story about a hybrid deer boy named Gus.

Until the age of nine, Gus lives a sheltered life on a wild life preserve with his father. A plague has wiped out most of humankind and those are left range from jaded to the truly demented. Poor Gus just isn’t prepared for the world but he has to grow up fast.

Assisting Gus in his life journey is Jeppard, a harden survivor who offered to take Gus to a paradise like preserve where other hybrids like him live peacefully. The two set out on a lengthy journey and run afoul of all manner of low life individuals to boot. Sweet Tooth is a dark tale of friendship, innocence, coming of age and redemption.

What if conspiracy theories start off as fiction but gain enough belief to become real, imagine the horrors. That is the premise of The Truth Department, a comic book published by Image Comics. James Tynion introduces us to Connor, a guy who has studies and investigated conspiracy theories his whole life because of a childhood incident. Connor soon learns there are forces at work that not only have him questioning his sanity, he is also presented with moral dilemmas. Fair warning, the artwork take a bit to get used to but the script is pure gold.

Both of these comics are wonderful to read, Sweet Tooth is a 40 issue series that was published under Vertigo. It is available in digital and trade paperback, thus you can read the entire series now. The Truth Department is a new release, we are up to issue 6, I believe and who knows how long the series will last. It doesn’t matter, I’m a long for the ride.

I recently enjoyed Skybound Virtual Expo and picked up these gems (now I’m sitting by the front door waiting on the mail carrier).